5 Tips to Take a Great Selfie

Ever wonder how your favourite makeup artists and beauty bloggers on Instagram take so many amazing selfies on a daily basis. Some may not care to share their secrets to their flawless selfies but I’m here to share with you my 5 Tips for taking great selfie!

If you are very active on social media and loooo-ve taking selfies this is your how-to guide:

Selfie Tip #1: Great Lighting

Lighting is a must for taking a great selfie.



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Stellar Lighting Systems















Selfie Tip #2: Know your Best Angles

  • Everyone has a go-to and/or favorite side to pose with. Know your best angles, where you look your best to make sure you take a great selfie.



Selfie Tip #3: Invest in a Good Smart Phone

You don’t need a professional camera to take those instant selfies, but you do need a good smart phone. Your iphone, android device will work just fine. Choose from…

Selfie Tip #4: Create a Flawless Look

Ever wonder how MUA’s look flawless without a wrinkle, pimple or blemish? There are apps that you can download on your iphone or android device to give you that flawless look.


Use these apps:

  1. Facetune– This is my favorite app for editing selfies! (Brighten your teeth, smooth out wrinkles, brighten your eyes)
  2. Perfect365– You can fix your entire face with this app.
  3. Fotorus – This is a photo editor pro on you android, iphone or PC.
  4. Instasize– It fits your entire picture into a box so that you can upload it on Instagram and not have to crop anything
  5. Snapseed– You can select which areas to brighten, if you don’t want to brighten the entire picture
  6. PicTapGo– Great for lighting adjustments and all kinds of filters


Selfie Tip #5: Do Your Hair And Make Up

Even though all the apps will enhance your look, nothing will ever take the place of when you take the time to do your hair and makeup.  Learn the techniques and keeping reading this blog !




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