Benefits of Human Hair Extensions

downloadIf you want to extend the length of your hair or add thickness and texture, real human hair extensions could be the perfect choice for you. Hair extensions can be made from human hair or made synthetically from nylon, silk, and other materials. While human hair extensions are more expensive, they are also more versatile.

Real human hair added to your own can be washed, dried, and styled just like your own hair. It can also be colored to be an exact match. In fact, real human hair extensions applied properly will be indistinguishable from your own hair.

Synthetic hair extensions have come a long way and at times can look exactly like human hair. However Synthetic hair does not have the same longevity and versatility as human hair.

If you like to flat iron, curl, or crimp your hair you’ll need to use real human hair extensions. These can be treated with heat styling products just like your own hair can be. But synthetic hair extensions can melt and burn from heat styling products. Once you choose a look for synthetic extensions, you’re limited to it until you remove them.

Synthetic extensions can be applied to the hair and will last a few weeks. This is fine if you just want a temporary hairstyle. But if you’re looking for a style that lasts, you’ll want to use human hair. Human hair extensions can last anywhere from three months to a year depending on your own hair and style.

Human hair extensions will always look and feel just like your own hair. They’ll stay soft, silky, and can be easily washed, conditioned, and combed. While human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic, you definitely get what you pay for.


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