Product of the week: Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!!!

Slow down oil production by using Dry Shampoo. If you are finding that your hair constantly has that oily flat look and you are having to wash your hair daily this product is for you. Try slowing down on washing your hair and use a dry shampoo in between washes.


Sounds weird right? But your hair will love you for it. Stripping  your hair daily with harsh astringents can actually be damaging over time. Try to stick to an every other day schedule and Once a week for coarser ethnic hair. Make sure you also use a hair treatment or masque once a week as well as daily hair moisturizers as needed.

Dry Shampoo should be applied by seperating your hair in sections and spraying the roots only. Wait One minute fluff and style!

Using Dry Shampoo also comes in handy when you have permanently installed extensions as it is recommended to not overwash extensions to prolong longevity of the hair.

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