Need Help Selecting Hair Extensions? Follow these 6 Easy Steps

Are you interested in getting hair extensions for an upcoming photo shoot, competition , event, wedding or for day to day use?  Here are 6 Easy steps to follow in order to achieve your flawless hair fantasy

1. The first step, which is the most important; Selecting your Colour. Colour of your hair extensions is probably the single most important part of the process, in order to have a seamless blend with your natural hair and your hair extensions. There are more than thirty-two (32) colours in the average hair extension colour chart.  The following represent thirteen (13) of the most commonly requested colours.

2. Amount of hair required; Hair Extensions are commonly sold and priced by weight, colour and length. Packs and Bundles are packaged in various weights, from 90 grams to 140 grams. Cost also varies based on quality, length and colour. Lighter colours and longer lengths are always more expensive.

Cost per gram for the best quality hair is usually priced between $1.25 for the darker colours and shorter lengths to $2.00 per gram for the longer lengths and lighter colours.

The basic rule of thumb in buying the right amount of hair is to buy one and a half the amount of hair vs. your natural hair density.

Example of suggested grams required if your hair is the following;


Thin Hair Density – 90 grams

Medium Hair Density – 130 grams

Thick Hair Density – 180 grams

Extra Thick Hair Density – 230 grams

*the above are minimum suggested amounts

3. Deciding your length; The following is a Hair Extension length chart to use for your reference when selecting length.

4. Natural hair prep before installing your Hair Extensions, the following are required:

  • Colour your hair first to desired colour
  • To ensure a seamless transition between your natural hair and Hair Extensions, make sure your hair is rid of most or all split-ends. Speak to your stylist regarding a good treatment plan i.e. hair treatment as well as dusting or trimming split-ends
  • Make sure that your hair is cut in long wispy layers to facilitate a seamless blending of your hair and extensions. If you have a blunt and short hair cut, it is still possible to get an undetectable professional look, although styling might be limited.

5. Selecting an Installation method; 4 of the most popular hair extension methods

Clip ins –  are great for the casual extensions client looking for length and volume. This method is ideal for clients who do not want a permanent installation and is the most cost effective method on the market.

Braid less Sew ins–  are a great  method for clients who have fine and thin hair that require more volume and length. This is a more permanent method and is ideal for the client who prefer to have the extensions in for daily use and require length and a lot of volume.

Traditional Braided Sew ins–  This method is also a more permanent method for the daily extension wearer, but is commonly used for clients with thick and or Curly hair and require length and a lot of volume .

Micro Loops– This is a single strand method and is also a more permanent method for the daily extension wearer. This is an ideal method for clients with straight un-textured  fine hair to gain length and add some volume to your look.


6. Fill out the form below:

Hair Extension Submission Form

    Colour, Treatment, Cut
  • In order for us to understand your hair goals please send us a photo of your hair inspiration i.e. celebrity, hair crush, hair inspo
  • Hey Gorgeous you have been selected to receive a special Hair Extension Package. This offer is only given to clients who have received promo codes provided by official affiliates of Trends Beauty Bar.

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