Trend Setter Alert: Pastel Hair Colour

pastelhaircolorPastel’s are not only in this season for fashion apparel but for the Uber Trend Setters Pastel Hair is the new look to achieve. Hues of purple, pink, blue, and green are definatley the it colours to achieve.

In order to get this look you must start with light hair. If not you will need to bleach your hair and make sure it is toned. If you are not comfortable and have not done this before see a professional. Once your hair has been lightened you can then select and apply your colour. Mix cream conditioner with colour (Manic Panic and Jazing are polpular) to use for colour application until colour is achieved. Now Follow instructions of the dye.

This method can also be used on blonde hair extensions if you would like to add length or volume.

Secret Tip: for upkeep put a little bit of dye into your regular conditioner to make a great DIY colour Booster.

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