The Benefits of Micro Loop Hair Extensions

micro loop hair extensionsMicro loop hair extensions, or micro ring extensions and euro lock extensions as they are sometimes called, are all the buzz in the beauty industry today.  They are not detectable. Micro Loop Extensions are flexible, long lasting and very natural.

Won’t Cause Damage

Glued-in extension methods can cause damage to hair and scalp. The glue used to attach many types of extensions can be toxic and cause allergic reactions and hair loss. Micro Loop Extensions require no glue or heat which maintain the integrity of your natural hair.


Even close up, no one will be able to see your wearing hair extensions. Micro loop extensions sit very close to the scalp, and because they’re attached to individual sections of your own hair, the micro ring is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Can be Used on All Hair Types

Micro loop extensions can be used on just about any type of hair. People with very fine or short hair, who usually have difficulty with extensions requiring braiding, should have no problem installing micro ring extensions.

Overall micro loop hair extensions are an easy, undetectable way to changing up your look without causing damage to your own hair.

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